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Yellowjackets: Our greatest burning concerns and working theories

Enjoy this show.


Are you observing Yellowjackets? If not, you need to be! This show has the finest higher idea at any time…

A non-public plane carrying an elite women’s high university soccer group crashes in the wilderness, leaving a squad of teenage ladies to fend for them selves. Chaos, violence and opportunity cannibalism ensues. 

Yellowjackets takes cues from Missing, bouncing back and forth amongst what took place prior to and soon after the crash. And a great deal like Shed, this present thrives on intrigue and thriller. In brief, we have concerns. We also have theories!

In this article are a handful of of our most burning questions. At time of writing, 9 episodes of the initially season have been produced. We are going to update this following the 10th episode has been aired.


Who is the Antler Queen?


Yellowjackets’ opening sequence is unbelievable.


This is the ultimate burning problem.

At 1st I was certain it was Misty, then I was specified it was Lottie. 

Now I reckon it could be completely any individual. Taissa? Jackie? Who the hell is aware of. Evidently not even the cast of the display is familiar with who the Antler Queen is. I reckon this could be a mystery that continues to be unsolved for seasons to appear (Yellowjackets has been renewed for a next season, but was pitched as a five period exhibit.)

Who will get killed and ‘eaten’ at the start out?

One of the very first factors I did just after watching the conclude of episode 9 was rewatch the show’s opening sequence to see if I could figure out who will get spiked at the really get started of the exhibit.

Immediately after rewatching, and getting familiar with all the characters, I’m persuaded it can be Lottie. My performing theory is the ladies have banded from her and her witchcraft approaches and made the decision to… eat her to make bizarre stuff not happen?

Glimpse, it is a performing theory. 

What the hell occurred to Jackie?


Jackie is sort of a primary character, but also not?


Effectively, she’s lifeless suitable? Shauna attended an once-a-year creepy lunch with Jackie’s warped mothers and fathers for her “birthday” so it’s a secure guess she’s useless.

But how? Or is Jackie the a person orchestrating all the strange stuff getting area in the present timeline?

Jackie is the most central character in the exhibit not using element in the current day storyline. That in itself is exciting. The opening episode appeared to just about body Jackie as a central character, so we can be guaranteed her “loss of life” will be a enormous deal in the clearly show.

Who is up coming to die?

I really consider this exhibit would be very well served to get rid of off a important character soon to enable the audience know that no just one is risk-free. It demands a massive Video game of Thrones moment, essentially. I genuinely believe that that Coach Ben’s days are numbered and you will find no way Javi is producing it out of the wilderness.

What happened to Shauna’s little one?

In the earlier, Shauna is expecting. In the present she has a daughter, Callie, who she regularly bickers with. Is Callie that little one? Those people timelines never definitely match up, so…

What took place to Shauna’s newborn? You will find no way they’re gonna eat the infant. That’s much too a lot for a mainstream exhibit like Yellowjackets. Will they try and pull off a “out of the blue not expecting” plot line? Probably not, considering that Midnight Mass literally just did that final year.

Not guaranteed how this is gonna enjoy out.

Shauna is sure to miscarry. No way she could have the toddler to phrase in this kind of a nerve-racking natural environment! Giving beginning would be so risky… but so would miscarrying. Possibly way, it is not heading to be a fantastic time.

Who was Adam really?

Adam was hilariously stabbed to loss of life by Shauna, but is that the conclude of that distinct thriller? It in no way sat appropriate with me that Adam pursued Shauna so intensely and fell in adore so speedily. Was he just a Yellowjackets enthusiast boy that grew up with the thriller, or is there some thing much more heading on there?

Can Lottie see the potential for actual?


Lottie is one of the show’s most powerful characters so considerably.


To be truthful, I am hoping factors don’t go entire-blown supernatural.

I assume every little thing Lottie has predicted — the river flowing with blood, for example — does, as Taissa argues, have logical explanations (the river is evidently managing purple from concentrated minerals). Though, to be truthful, Taissa also turns into a dirt-taking in tree-climber at evening, so she may not be the most responsible supply.

What was Lottie taking her medication for?

Lottie is getting a medicine referred to as “Loxipene” which is most very likely a reference to Loxapene, a medication for schizophrenia. In episode 3, nonetheless, Lottie operates out of her treatment. Not very long soon after, we see her conduct commence to improve — she’s finding paranoid, will become quieter, and starts off earning very imprecise and unnerving statements. It’s really worth noting that, as significantly as we know, Lottie has not told any of the others about her illness.

Who died in the cabin? Is this a haunting/cursed/ghost circumstance?

There is certainly a single theory performing the rounds that an deserted mining procedure is located up from the purple river. Whoever died in the cabin may possibly have some link.

Why was that stag all maggoty on the inside of?

I won’t be able to visualize we are going to ever get an solution to this, but how was this animal up and strolling all around with its interior organs all hollowed out and coated in maggots? I Need to have TO KNOW!

Who is the Gentleman with no Eyes and why does Taissa maintain looking at him? 

The Male With No Eyes seems in episode 3 — 1st as an apparition noticed by equally Taissa and her grandmother just just before Grandma dies, and later on in the woods after the plane crash. He seems just in the length: pallid pores and skin, dim hair and, of training course, large gaping holes where his eyes need to be.

At initial, it appears to be like there could be a purely psychological reason behind this spectre. Perhaps Taissa was traumatized from her dying grandma talking to “a male with no eyes” and her creativeness filled in the blanks. Even so, coupled with Taissa’s son Sammy’s habits — covering his windows with drawings of eyes and eyeless folks, his doll disappearing from the prime of the cabinet only to appear on the basement flooring with its eyes eliminated — we start to assume that The Person with No Eyes essentially lives in this realm and not just in Taissa’s creativeness.

Old Eyeless Lad seems briefly in the opening credits and of course, each time, I get spooked. It is a genuinely unnerving character and it is a shock to see him to start with look, specially when the very first two episodes highlighted negligible supernatural aspects. He is yet to reappear, but possibly he’ll make a comeback in the finale. A reappearance or even opportunity clues that he’s a supernatural entity would open us up to much more questions: If The Person with No Eyes is serious, does that suggest Lottie’s visions and religious relationship to the forest are far more than displays of her schizophrenia?

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