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Xbox Series X restock dates: when will Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop restock

The Xbox Series X restock date and time for each retailer will be tweeted as soon as the Microsoft console is back in stock at any store, including Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Target and Amazon, among others. You can follow our Xbox restock Twitter tracker, Matt Swider, as his account points you to the US retailer with next-gen console inventory – while it lasts. It often sells out in three minutes or less.

To get advance notice, follow Matt Swider, our Xbox restock tracker:

Our Xbox Series X restock alerts look like this (for example):

(Image credit: Future)

Antonline Xbox Series X restock date

  • Next restock date: Likely this week – always at least one next-gen drop weekly
  • Last Xbox Series X restock date: Wednesday, March 17
  • Wait time: Online only, fast shipping (sells out quickly)
  • Follow our Twitter tracker to get alerts

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