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The Greatest Wi-fi Gaming Mice for 2022

For yrs, numerous Computer gamers steered very clear of wireless gaming mice, anxious that wi-fi connections would introduce input lag, which could choose a toll on your activity. Now, we can safely set these anxieties behind us. I cannot say exactly when manufacturers turned the corner, but in the previous three many years I have tested dozens of wireless gaming mice that exhibit the exact speed and accuracy as wired types. Wireless mice even now tend to be dear, so leading-notch models are likely to be quite highly-priced, even though there are also a great deal of spending plan-friendly choices. If you are on the lookout to indulge in a wireless mouse for gaming, let’s speak about what goes into a good a person.

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Crucial Wireless Mouse Functions: Some Things Hardly ever Alter

Apart from wireless connectivity and battery existence, the critical capabilities of a wireless gaming mouse are about the same as on any other gaming mouse: the sense of it in your hand, the quantity and layout of the buttons, the top quality of the sensor. No subject how considerably gee-whiz aspect a wireless gaming mouse could have, I wouldn’t take into consideration obtaining 1 that didn’t really feel superior and do the things I want it to do. To get a far more complete breakdown of these factors and why they matter, examine out our explainer on choosing the greatest gaming mice.

Asus ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse front

There are some small elements wherever the change to wireless really should alter your expectations, even though. Most notably for avid gamers, wireless mice tend to weigh a minimal far more than their wired counterparts because of to their extra factors, together with the inescapable internal battery. But the hole in between wired and wireless excess weight, when other items are equivalent, tends to be rather compact. (There are even a few of wi-fi mice on our most effective esports mice record.) Only the most discerning aggressive participant would really know the difference.

What Kind of Connection Should I Search For?

Wi-fi connectivity can make or crack a wireless gaming mouse. Mice intended for every day internet searching and business office work can do really properly with with Bluetooth, but gaming’s quick and exact actions demand a bigger normal. To get the stage of precision just one expects from gaming mice, most makers use a minimal-latency 2.4GHz wi-fi link that syncs immediately with a USB receiver plugged into your Personal computer.

A 2.4GHz wi-fi arrangement should really be able to produce a stable relationship with no discernible input lag. These mice technically aren’t “lag-free”—there will always be some enter lag—but we’re speaking about fractions of a millisecond. In my expertise, 2.4GHz connections also have a tendency to be much more secure than Bluetooth connections, which can get drowned out and momentarily reduce sync if there are way too lots of nearby alerts.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse logo

The very low-latency link is typically the exceptional choice for taking part in game titles, but it arrives with some drawbacks. Very first, it drains battery far more promptly than a Bluetooth connection. Concerning this and RGB lighting, wireless gaming mice have a tendency to operate out of juice significantly more rapidly than productivity mice. Second, considering the fact that the mouse connects wirelessly by using a USB dongle, that 2.4GHz link will only function with PCs. If the mouse won’t also have Bluetooth, you in all probability won’t be in a position to use it with a telephone, pill, or any other gadget without USB. If the dongle is USB-C and you have a recent cellular phone with a USB-C port, you could make that relationship work, but it’s cumbersome.

Also, you’d be astonished how straightforward it is to shed a USB dongle when you change units, have it with you on the road, or transfer. Misplacing that very small piece of plastic can make the entire mouse worthless, so if the two get separated, get ready to turn your complete setup upside down to reunite them. Ideally, a wireless gaming mouse must have a dongle storage slot or compartment in the system of the mouse, which allows you retail outlet the dongle securely when it isn’t in use. Strangely, some mice absence this crucial benefit, so put it on your listing of capabilities to glance for.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse Dongle

The very best, most adaptable gaming mice offer both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth. Likelihood are you will use the 2.4GHz connection most of the time, but Bluetooth will give you the choice to sync it with any gadget no subject what, and maintain ability in a pinch.

How Does the Mouse Get Electrical power?

The next important issue to take into consideration is the battery. On some stage, any wi-fi mouse’s electrical power issues boil down to long lasting the longest on a single charge, but figuring that out can in fact be much more difficult than you imagine. The official estimated battery life provided by the maker reflects how long the mouse will past underneath great conditions—meaning that all of the RGB lights is turned off. You need to anticipate most wireless gaming mice to last considerably less than half of their producer-reported battery lifestyle with RGB lights on. In our assessments, we request battery estimates for much more realistic conditions and do anecdotal screening to give you a genuine-world idea of how lots of days or months a mouse will past on one demand.

HP Omen Photon Wireless Gaming Mouse angle left

Battery everyday living can also fluctuate based on what variety of battery the mouse utilizes. Most of the wi-fi mice that we recommend feature rechargeable interior batteries, which can maintain a demand that lasts for dozens of hrs. Some gaming mice, especially fewer highly-priced ones, eschew inside batteries for disposable AAs or AAAs, which very last a pretty prolonged time—often 100 to 200 hours—but have to have to be replaced when they run out of juice.

SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse Battery

As with my general steerage on getting the finest wireless mice, I propose getting 1 with a rechargeable battery for a few factors. Initially, if a AA-driven mouse operates out of power and you do not have alternative batteries on hand, you are going to need to fall what you are accomplishing to go out and get some. That may imply going for walks away from your Laptop mid-recreation to get them from a different room, or even having to go away the residence. In distinction, most wi-fi gaming mice let you use their charging cables to set up a wired connection, so you can cost and participate in at the exact same time if you need to. 

2nd, mice with disposable batteries create e-squander, which can be aggravating to recycle or normally dispose of adequately. (You can mitigate this by using rechargeable AA/AAA batteries, of class.) Needing to charge your mouse regularly may perhaps audio like a hassle on paper, but it almost never feels that way due to the fact it under no circumstances lessens your potential to use the mouse. The only times I have had a dying battery affect a activity have been when I wasn’t retaining observe of my mouse’s battery lifetime.

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse Docked Side 2

If plugging in your mouse however looks like a achieve, some wireless gaming mice also attribute wireless charging. Dependent on the product, that indicates you set your mouse on a wi-fi charging pad or into some form of dock to demand up. Wi-fi charging benchmarks for gaming mice tend to change by company. Some providers, like Corsair and HyperX, depend on the Qi wi-fi typical, so you can demand their mice on most third-celebration wireless charging pads. Razer’s large-stop Top and Professional tier mice rely on a Razer-specific wi-fi charging dock. Logitech G gaming mice help a distinctive mousepad named the PowerPlay, which charges the mouse when you’re actively playing. It is arguably the excellent charging solution, but the mousepad prices $120—as much as the Logitech G502 Lightspeed itself—so it’s a luxury amongst luxuries.

Do not Overlook the Software!

Configuration program, which allows you remap inputs and set your individual RGB lighting, virtually generally contains some energy-relevant configurations for wi-fi gaming mice. Most will let you set an automobile-shutoff that puts the mouse to rest or turns off its lights. Some will allow you to regulate RGB brightness, allowing you to locate a happy medium concerning peak effectiveness and your vibrant custom made aesthetic.

My personal beloved element, provided in some but not all apps, is a battery lifetime indicator that sits in your Home windows tray so you can look at it devoid of opening the app. These functions change from manufacturer to producer and mouse to mouse. I wouldn’t say any just one of them is possible to be a deal-breaker, but the usefulness of configuration computer software is one thing to hold in intellect. Brands with a extended, well-regarded monitor file of creating gaming mice have a tendency to have the most polished, aspect-loaded application.

Asus ROG Chakram wireless gaming mouse being configured in Armoury Crate 3

Apple admirers beware: Configuration software program is normally Windows-only. Most mice can get the job done in a standard manner on any system, but the higher price tag of a wi-fi gaming mouse is only well worth paying if you can get the comprehensive performance out of it. If you have a Mac, make guaranteed the mouse you get includes computer software that’s appropriate with your components and version of macOS. Our roundup of the ideal gaming mice for Macs will enable you choose the ideal a single.

So, Which Wi-fi Gaming Mouse Must I Acquire?

Now that we’ve walked through the big aspects of selecting out a wi-fi gaming mouse, it is time for you to get out there and uncover a person that functions for you. As constantly, if you have to have help obtaining started off, refer to the checklist of our recent favorites down below. If you’re searching choose your desk absolutely cordless, verify out our record of the very best wireless keyboards. We also have explainers to assistance you discover any other gaming peripherals you may need, together with lists of our major-rated gaming headsets, gaming chairs, and screens for players, alongside with advice on how to pick the ideal gamepad for your Computer system.

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