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The best home security cameras: check on your property when you’re not at home

What’s the cheapest security camera?

(Image credit: WyzeCam)

The cheapest smart security camera we feel confident in recommending is the Wyze Cam that’s sold on Amazon for $26. It’s not as feature-rich or as detailed as our top picks, but for the money it’s impossible to beat.

The best home security cameras can provide peace of mind when you’re not around, as they allow you to check what’s happening both inside and outside your home when you’re not around from your smartphone or tablet. 

Unlike traditional security cameras, which store data to a small PC and require cables running all over your home, or enterprise systems that charge you for a subscription package, Wi-Fi security cameras use both a real-time video feed and cloud storage. As well as letting you log-in and view a real-time feed from the camera at any point, they also record short video clips when the camera detects motion. This footage is either stored in a secure area online or on a MicroSD card so you can go back and review it at any point. 

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