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Russia Arrests Members of REvil Ransomware Group, Citing US Request

Russia has arrested REvil ransomware gang customers, citing requests from US authorities. 

Russia’s Federal Protection Support (FSB) declared the news on Friday, as footage of the arrests hit neighborhood airwaves. The online video shows Russian agents nabbing several suspects at their residences and seizing big amounts of cash. 

The FSB states the “basis of the search” came from an charm from US authorities, who had data on the leader of REvil and the group’s attempts to hack overseas tech businesses. 

The US Office of Justice and FBI did not straight away reply to a request for comment. But if accurate, the arrests mark a uncommon occasion of the US cooperating with Russian authorities to stop a cybercriminal operation.

It could possibly also be the 1st time Russia has ever publicly cracked down on a ransomware gang primarily based in the region. The US has very long accused Russia of allowing cybercriminals within its borders function with impunity. The Kremlin itself has also implied it’ll recruit legal hackers for federal government operations. 

The FSB did not title any of the arrested suspects. On the other hand, the Russian stability service states it “established the total composition of the REvil legal community,” suggesting the primary leaders at the rear of the gang have been detained. 

The FSB additional that the crackdown encompassed 25 distinctive addresses belonging to 14 associates of the ransomware group. The seized funds included $600,000 in US dollars, a further 500,000 in Euros, and 426 million in Russian rubles (US$5.6 million). Russian authorities also confiscated the gang’s pc products and 20 quality vehicles the suspects allegedly ordered with their unwell-gotten gains. 

The FSB did not say no matter whether it’ll extradite any of the suspects to the US. But they’ve been billed with “unlawful circulation of means of payment.”

REvil is allegedly behind numerous superior-profile ransomware campaigns, such as the attack on IT management answers service provider Kaseya, which observed hundreds of its consumers strike with malware.

REvil also stole private files from victims and threatened to leak the information and facts on the web until ransoms had been paid. It also recruited “affiliates” to distribute ransomware payloads, featuring a split in revenue from cash attained with every single productive assault.

The gang’s popular hacking actions prompted the Biden administration in July to purchase US intelligence organizations to examine REvil. In November, the DOJ then introduced it assisted nab a Ukrainian who had been working with REvil’s ransomware to assault numerous businesses. A individual Russian suspect was also charged for conducting attacks with the REvil ransomware strain. 

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