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Our solar system could have a concealed earth beyond Neptune – no, not that just one

There are 8 identified planets in our solar technique, 4 internal rocky planets and 4 outer gasoline giants. But beyond the orbit of Neptune, dozens of dwarf planets the size of Pluto or smaller sized populate a region regarded as the Kuiper Belt, and new laptop or computer types demonstrate there may possibly be one thing even more substantial lurking out there – or at least there may well have been in the past.

In a paper in the Annual Assessment of Astronomy and Astrophysics this thirty day period, Brett Gladman of the University of British Columbia and Kathryn Volk of the College of Arizona argue that new types indicate that the chance that a Mars-sized world orbiting in the Kuiper Belt location is at minimum 50%, while they also declare that it was ejected from the photo voltaic program totally at some issue in the earlier.

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