China’s Zhurong rover sends a selfie from Mars

China has produced new photos from its Zhurong rover, which began wheeling its way all around Mars in late May perhaps. A single of the photographs is a pretty selfie of Zhurong posed following to its landing platform. The “touring team photo,” as the China National Place Administration phone calls it in a blog site article, was taken with a compact wi-fi digicam that the rover put on the surface before scooting back to line up for the shot like an psyched guardian.

Zhurong also took a picture of the landing system by by itself, displaying the ramp the rover drove down, the Chinese flag, and if you seem intently to the still left of the flag, the mascots for the Beijing Wintertime Olympics.

Zhurong’s landing system.
Picture: CNSA

There are additional shots in the Twitter thread down below, joined listed here, together with a panorama that reveals the Crimson Planet’s horizon in the length further than the rover, alongside with marks on the surface from propellant expulsion through landing.

Zhurong joined NASA’s Perseverance on Mars past month (though the rovers are above a thousand miles apart), generating China the second state to land and work a rover on the world. It’s expected to retain exploring for about 90 days, and it will capture more illustrations or photos while it analyzes the Martian climate and geology.

Perseverance also despatched alongside some glamour photographs of its individual in April, nevertheless it applied a robotic arm (a selfie stick, if you will) alternatively than placing a camera down and backing away from it. This a single is a family image of the two the rover and its minor helicopter companion, Ingenuity. NASA details how the selfie was produced in this blog publish with videos.

A slightly warped composite photo with Perseverance on the right and the tiny Ingenuity copter to its left. Perseverance’s “face” is turned toward the camera while its main body is angled.

Perseverance and Ingenuity in a selfie stitched jointly from 62 particular person photographs.
Graphic: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

And here’s Perseverance’s “face” from the serene panorama of Mars. The planet could possibly be a lonely place, but it would make for a relatively scenic backdrop.

Perseverance’s head poking up from the bottom of the frame like a face, in front of the martian horizon.

Perseverance gazes into the camera.
Graphic: NASA / JPL (panorama sew by Joey Roulette / The Verge)

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