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5 things I discovered soon after switching to a standing desk

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Sitting down at an place of work desk for prolonged durations of time may possibly be getting a toll on your system. When it’s however to be witnessed if sitting down is as harmful as some reports have instructed, switching to a standing desk is getting to be an more and more well-known way to mitigate the potential overall health dangers.

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But swapping a sitting down desk out for a standing one isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Prior to tossing out your previous desk, here are some things to take into consideration.

1. There is certainly a honeymoon phase

The very first week is the hardest, but it won’t always get a lot easier.

Like doing work out, you will likely delight in the very first couple several hours of standing while you perform. You can notice how refreshing it is and how a lot much easier it is to continue to be on undertaking. You may perhaps even truly feel a minor more energetic whilst you function.

But once you get previous the “honeymoon” stage of standing, exhaustion will kick in and you might locate you starting your times seated the moment once again.

To continue to be in the practice of standing, it can be very best to begin your working day there and stand until finally you start out to sense your emphasis and attentiveness fade — or if you start off to sense distress. At this point, it is really a superior concept to get a seat until eventually you happen to be prepared to stand yet again.

Adjustable desks make this uncomplicated, as you can fall the desk to a comfortable sitting top and pull up a chair. If your standing desk is at a preset top, pull up a bar stool or shift to the closest desk or sofa.

2. You will melt away more calories

You might be not standing for the sake of standing, you’re burning energy!

The rationale you are emotion additional energetic and attentive is because remaining on your ft usually means you might be being somewhat additional energetic. Standing burns about 30 % extra calories than sitting. So if you were being to burn off an common of 1,500 calories per perform working day whilst sitting, you would burn 2,000 or additional even though standing for the exact length.

Caloric burn off is only the commencing of the wellness advantages of standing, even so. Standing improves posture, raises blood circulation, lowers your chance of condition and blood clots, and will go away you experience better at the close of a long function working day.

3. Display top matters (a whole lot)

A elevated workspace can produce a better length between your arms and eyes.

When you function at a standing desk, your elbows must be at a 90-diploma angle (so that your wrists are straight) and your neck need to manage a neutral posture. But if you perform with a laptop and your elbows are at a 90-diploma angle, it indicates your screen will be as well very low, forcing your neck downwards. Over time, this can guide to neck agony.

To stay clear of this, increase the height of the screen by placing your laptop computer on a stand, then pair it with an external keyboard and mouse. Or you can insert an external monitor and established the laptop apart. You should really be in a position to search straight ahead and see the keep track of without having tilting your head.

4. You can have to have an anti-fatigue mat

Your feet are in all probability going to harm.


Taylor Martin/CNET

In the course of the adjustment interval (the initially several days or weeks), your toes will probably commence to harm immediately after just a couple several hours of standing. This is standard, but to alleviate some of the agony in your toes, it can be finest to devote in an anti-tiredness (gel) mat.

Anti-exhaustion mats occur in an array of sizes, designs, and colours, but the thought is the similar: to deliver an supplemental layer of cushion concerning your ft and the flooring beneath.

Alternatively, you could spend in a pair of further at ease shoes or a equilibrium disc, which will deliver much more cushion, increase your harmony, and perform various sections of your toes in the course of the working day.

5. Cable management

Taking care of cables at a non-conventional top introduces organizational difficulties.

With a stationary or classic sitting desk, it truly is uncomplicated to bundle all the cables together and conceal them guiding a person of the legs. With standing desks, which are typically quite leggy (without drawers), there are fewer destinations to cover away a mess of cables, specially if you have various accessories to go alongside with your pc, like an added watch, a printer and/or an external tricky drive.

A single alternative is to placement a surge protector along the again of the desk (or mounted on the wall) and use that as your “electricity hub.” This way, just one cable runs down the wall to an outlet.

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